Porto Novo: Municipality continues with a program that aims to take water to the upper villages in Ribeira das Patas

Porto Novo, Sep 6 (Inforpress) – Círio, Curral das Vacas, Catano and Lagoa are the  villages in Ribeira das Patas, in the countryside of Porto Novo, which will be covered by water supply, thanks to a program underway by the City Hall, estimated in 12 million escudos.

After Tapume, where 22 families have benefited last week water supply, the City Hall  of Porto Novo, according to the mayor, Aníbal Fonseca, will continue with the interventions to cover the villages of Círio, Curral das Vacas, Catano and Lagoa, located in the upper part of the village of Ribeira das Patas.

The City Hall says it has a program to bring water piped to all the towns that make up the village of Ribeira das Patas, with three thousand inhabitants, which will require an investment of around 12 million escudos.

Until last week, only the lower part of Ribeira das Patas (Chã de Morte and surroundings) had piped water.

In the municipality of Porto Novo, 77.7 % of the population has access to domestic water networks.