Porto Novo: Mayor says “focused” on the construction of an inclusive and non-discriminatory Porto Novo

Porto Novo, Sep 3 (Inforpress) – The mayor of Porto Novo, Anibal Fonseca, said Sunday he was “focused” on building an “inclusive and non-discriminatory municipality”, ensuring that “significant steps” are being taken to sustainable development of this county.

Aníbal Fonseca, who was speaking at the solemn session of the Porto Novo Municipal Assembly, which marked the Municipality Day, said he was materializing the “commitments” made with the Porto Novo residents in 2016, when he was elected to the post, believing that he is realizing “the dreams of the municipalities” to have a better life.

The mayor also referred to “major works in perspective” in this municipality that, in his view, will boost local development, predicting “better days” for Porto Novo, with the implementation of projects such as the sewerage network, the improvement of the distribution network, the airport, the construction of penetration roads, among others.

In any case, Porto Novo faces “various constraints” which have affected its development process, warned the mayor, who highlighted as being “one of the main problems” the indebtedness of the municipality.

Without specifying the amount of the debt, the mayor informed that Porto Novo is currently a “highly indebted” municipality, a situation that results from “interventions” of the City Hall to finance infrastructure of the county, using banking.