Porto Novo: MAA guarantees “for soon” resolution of the water problem in Manuel Lopes with installation of new equipment in the borehole

Porto Novo, Aug 23 (Inforpress) – The new equipment for the Manuel Lopes borehole in the countryside of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, has already been ordered, and is expected, “for soon”, to solve the water shortage situation that, since May, affects local farmers.

The information was advanced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA), Joel Barros, who explained that this is a work in charge of Sonerf (National Society of Forestry and Rural Engineering), which has already ordered the new equipment to be installed in the Manuel Lopes borehole.

For this reason, Joel Barros said he hoped that “within a short time”, the water supply for agriculture in that locality will be resumed, where farmers say they have already accounted for losses around 4 million escudos.

Farmers without water since May account for losses that exceed four million escudos.