Porto Novo: Farmers receive in September full ownership of land still belonging to the State

Porto Novo, Jul 24 (Inforpress) – Farmers who grow the land belonging to the State, in the municipality of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, will definitely be able to receive full ownership of their plots next September during the commemorations of the Municipality Day, according to the Mayor.

This is the case of the 52 farmers in Chã de Norte who, according to Aníbal Fonseca, will have the opportunity to receive, in September, a definitive title to the land they cultivate since 2015, within the scope of the hydro-agricultural project of this county.

In addition to Chã Norte, a further hundred farmers distributed throughout the localities of Casa de Meio, Chã de Mato / Ponte Sul, Ribeira da Cruz and Ribeira dos Bodes will also be contemplated, soon, with the full possession of the lands, which they have been cultivating for several years.

At a later stage, the process of definitive allocation of plots in Casa de Meio, where, since 1995, 22 families have cultivated public lands, which, according to the Government’s decision, will be granted free of charge to the farmers.