Porto Novo: Atim, Cordas do Sol and Jenifer Solidade brighten the Curraletes beach music festival


Porto Novo, Aug 1 (Inforpress) – Atim, Cordas de Sol and Jenifer Solidade are the main attractions of the thirtieth edition of the Curraletes beach music festival, in Poro Novo, in Santo Antão, which runs from August 18 to 20.

The City Hall opted for “a modest investment” to carry out this event, one of the oldest in Cabo Verde, which will have strong presence of “home silver”, such as Ailine, Dulce, two of the main names emerging in the Porto Novo music.

City Hall councilor for Culture of Porto Novo, Nilson Santos, explained that the strong investment made in the São João festivals, in June, affect the City Hall capacity to invest in the Curraletes beach festival.

The budget for the festival, which will also feature a contest of artists and groups from São Vicente, will be around two million and three million escudos.

Atim, a Moroccan musician, residing in France, is expected on the 15th in Santo Antão, whose arrival is to be awaited with much interest, according to a representative of the artist on this island.