Porto Novo: 42 parcels of land transferred permanently to 22 families in Casa de Meio

Porto Novo, Aug 20 (Inforpress) – The Government has already transferred 42 parcels of agricultural land to 22 families in Casa de Meio, in Porto Novo, Santo Antão, free of charge, a measure which farmers have been waiting for more than two decades.

The land will be delivered on September 2, Porto Novo Municipality Day, a “good news, long awaited” by families, according to the farmers’ representatives, José Lima, who expressed his “satisfaction” with the Government’s decision.

“The land is already ours, and finally we have a guarantee. From now on, who want to invest in the plots is already possible, because they are able to resorts to a credit”, said José Lima.

In addition to the Casa de Meio, the Government also decided to transfer full ownership of the state’s lands to families in Chã de Norte, Ribeira da Cruz (Morro Cavalo), Ribeira dos Bodes and Ponte Sul / Chã de Mato, covering about 150 families.