Porto Novo: 180 young people outside the formal education system want to pursue studies despite economic difficulties – survey

Porto Novo, Aug 23 (Inforpress) – One hundred and eighty young people, with education levels between the eighth and eleventh grade, in Porto Novo, Santo Antão, currently excluded from the formal public education system, wish to continue their studies, despite “financial difficulties”.

This is the conclusion of a survey conducted by the private high school Progresso in Porto Novo City in August, which has already submitted to the National Directorate of Education (DNE) an educational project for this public that does not fit the educational public profile and without “financial conditions for self-sustainability of studies or vocational training”.

Elísio Rocha, director of the Progresso school, founded in 2002, said that he had presented to the DNE a proposal to amend the statutes of this institution, allowing it to become a “social institution in the branch of secondary and professional education” insertion and inclusion “of these young people, who do not fit into the public profile of formal education”, thus avoiding the less positive social effects”.

The survey covered 188 young people who, mainly due to economic difficulties, but also due to other factors, such as pregnancy and access to school, stopped studying, but 181 wish to continue their studies, in spite of these dificulties, namely financial.