Police / São Vicente: Deputy commander denies lack of fuel  for patrolling 

Mindelo, 27 Aug (Inforpress) – The deputy regional commander of the National Police (PN) in São Vicente, Manuel Monteiro, today denied that there is a lack of fuel for patrolling, admitting there is only a “containment” of expenses and “intelligent management” of available resources.

According to information from a source close to the corporation, the heads of the PN in São Vicente were given guidelines to “not make patrolling” with cars on the outskirts to avoid the use of fuel, whose amount has not been enough to guarantee the police operation until the end of each month.

“There is no guideline in this sense, but there is an instruction for containment”, assured Manuel Monteiro, for whom this should be “the attitude of all institutions” for a “poor” country like Cabo Verde.

The National Police, according to the deputy commander, who did not want to advance amounts or record interviews, has a budget for the fuel for use until the end of each month, which has made “intelligent management”, adapting it to the “reinforcement” of vehicles received last year.