PM foresee deepwater ports for São Vicente and São Nicolau, but with different uses

Praia, Aug 16 (Inforpress) – Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva said that São Vicente and São Nicolau will have a deepwater port with different vocations, part of the Special Zone of the Maritime Economy, a project that brings “positive complementarities between the islands of the North”.

Through a publication, on its Facebook page, Ulisses Correia e Silva stated that the fact that São Vicente is hosting the Special Maritime Economic Zone (ZEEM) does not mean that other islands do not invest in ports, fisheries or tourism linked to the sea.

According to the head of the Government, the Saragaça locality, in São Vicente, is the area that, according to the technical studies, will accommodate the logistics of container terminal, repair and shipbuilding and other support structures and support to the maritime economy industry, included in the ZEEM project.

The deepwater port, also referred to in the same publication, is identified as the anchor infrastructure for the remaining activities, so Saragaça will be endowed with this infrastructure.

“The fact that a deep water port is foreseen in São Vicente does not mean that in São Nicolau there is no provision for a deep water port designed to support bunkering and refinery activities. They are ports with different expertise and vocation”, said the head of the Government, revealing that the Campus do Mar will be the infrastructure for knowledge, training and research, supporting the development of the maritime economy.