PM denies that punishment of Sinapol leaders is a way of conditioning trade unionism in Cabo Verde

Santa Maria, Jul 17 (Inforpress) – The Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, denied Monday that the punishment of the National Police Union (SINAPOL) leaders, following the strike at the end of last year, is a way of conditioning trade unionism.

The head of the government, who was speaking to journalists in Sal Island, where he is taking part in the 12th Summit of Heads of State and Government, recalled that the strike is a  workers’ rights and asked Sinapol to clarify the motivations for the already announced six-day strike this month.

When said that the motivations have to do with the suspension of the union delegates and the compulsory retirement of the president of Sinapol, Jose Barbosa, Ulisses Correia e Silva suggested them to go to the court.

“Imagine if fashion fits. Whenever there are disciplinary processes, demonstrations and strikes are organized. Therefore, I think that is not the strong reason for the strike”, he said adding that in relation to other demands such as wage increases there is the Government’s commitment to increase the wage base in 2019.

“We are working on a perspective until 2021. We have been working with the unions, namely the CCSL, to find a convergence framework. The principle is assumed. Now it is a matter of scheduling payments and budget coverage because we are talking about very large amounts”, he said.