Permanent Council of West African Bishops recommends the establishment of the Catholic Church Peace Committee


Praia, Jan 29 (Inforpress) – The Permanent Council of West African Bishops, meeting in the city of Praia, recommends the creation of the Catholic Church Peace Committee, with the role of working with ECOWAS to promote peace.

According to the Bishop of Bissau, Bishop José Camnate Na Bissing, who also took over the functions of the vice-president of the Episcopal Conference of the West African countries of French, Portuguese and English (CERAO-RECOWA), the Presidency Council already analized this and other documents, which were submitted to the Permanent Council.

He explained that the Peace Committee had the vocation to collaborate with ECOWAS in the search for ways to solve so many conflicts that afflicted West African countries.

He said that henceforth “no Christian, no parish and no diocese” should feel isolated in the face of the great challenges facing ECOWAS member states and Mauritania.