PEDS 2017-21 predicts reduction of unemployment to 9% and increase of GDP percapta to more than 8 thousand dollars


Praia, Sep 19 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verde’s Sustainable Development Strategic Plan (PEDS) for the period 2017-21 forecasts a country’s economic growth of 7% from 2020, and the reduction of the unemployment rate of 15 to 9%.

The document that is in socialization phase, still perspective the increase of per capita GDP in purchasing power parity from 6744 dollars to 8864 dollars in 2021, increase the Human Development Index (HDI), reduce the gini coefficient to have less inequality in the islands and reduce poverty from 35 to 28.2% in 2021.

According to the national director of the Plan, Carla Cruz, the PEDS, which today was being socialized with society, has three pillars namely the economic pillar, the social pillar and the pillar of sovereignty and provides the creation of 35 programs, the largest being in the economic pillar that also brings the whole question of the islands valorization through the regionalization of the plan.

The transformation of Cabo Verde into a “platform country” is one of the responses of the PEDS to ensure the country’s dynamic insertion into the world economy and thus promote employment and ensure income for families.

In the economic pillar, in addition to the improvement of the business environment, the valorization of the islands where the environmental issue also deserves attention, the PEDS foresees the creation of modern and safe infrastructures and the transformation of agriculture to meet the challenges of production and export.

At the social level, the emphasis is on excellence in education, the promotion of decent employment, the promotion of gender equality and guaranteeing access to income, education and health for the most vulnerable, promoting sport among other aspects.