Paul: Restoring water supply with installation of new pumping system in Chã de João Vaz – City Hall

Porto Novo, Aug 22 (Inforpress) – The water supply in the municipality of Paul, Santo Antão, has already been restored after a few upsets in recent days, resulting from a failure in the borehole pumping system at the João de Vão, reported this City Hall.

The old system suffered irreversible damage and the City Hall of Paul had to acquire a new pumping system, which has already been installed, thus restoring the water supply to this municipality of Santo Antão, according to the mayor.

The municipality of Paul was awarded the project of water supply to Santo Antão, estimated at 253 million escudos contos, financed under the II compact of the Millenium Challange Account (MCA).

The project, which also covers the East Coast and the East Plateau, will allow, in the case of Paul, the elimination of water pumping systems through conventional energy, passing the production to be done by gravity, a project that, according to these local responsible, was thought to solve the water problems in Santo Antão.