Paul: Advanced state of degradation of the seafront  in the city of Pombas is disturbing the residents

Porto Novo, Jul 20 (Inforpress) – The advanced state of degradation of the protection wall in the city of Pombas, in Paul, Santo Antão, is making residents loose their sleep, who ask for the start of the so promised requalification project of the seafront in this city.

This situation, according to the residents, is causing a risk foor the houses which are increasingly exposed to the action of the sea, and therefore expect to achieve, as soon as possible, the works to requalify the seafront in Pombas City, a project already announced several times by the Government.

“The situation is very worrying and it is urgent to resolve it. The wall is broken and falling, the floor has huge holes, the family pits are rutted and the smell is nauseating,” warned the local citizen João Rodrigues, also warning of the risks that this state of things represents for housing and for people, especially children.

Residents also call attention to the “environmental danger” that the seafront state represents for this municipality and “urge” the Prime minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, who will be visiting the Paul, to find out about the situation.

The municipality of Paul says it has the Government’s assurance that the protecting Project to the city of Pombas and the requalification of the seafront in this city has already secured financing and should start even in 2018.