Parity Law is an achievement of Cabo Verdean society that deserves to be recognized – President of Parliament

Praia, Jul 31 (Inforpress) – National Assembly President Jorge Santos today considered the proposed Parity Law as an achievement and a “life stage” of Cabo Verdean society that deserves to be recognized.
Jorge Santos made this point during his speech and presentation of the consultants and members of the committees which constitute the team that will work on the preparation of the Law of Parity Proposal.
“Cabo Verde needs a Parity Law that will deal in future consequences in the electoral process and in a set of matters in which we have to adapt”, he said.
In his speech, the President of the Parliamentary House asserted that all Cabo Verdean citizens are equal before the law and can not be privileged or discriminated against on grounds of sex, stating that it is an existing principle but it needs to be implemented and transformed from the constitutional norm into law.
He further emphasized that the Government’s program of the 9th Legislature emphasizes gender equality and stressed that what should be done now is to support and welcome the civil society initiative to constitute a law of gender parity.