Olavo Correia sees greater dynamics of economic growth with investments in the private sector

Praia, Aug 13 (Inforpress) – Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Olavo Correia said today that with the investment envelope for the private sector, the Bank for Investment and Development of ECOWAS accelerate the dynamics of economic growth in the country.

During the workshop presentation speech on the products and financing mechanisms of the ECOWAS Development and Investment Bank, held today in Praia, Olavo Correia saw significant results for the private sector and a new performance of the Cabo Verdean economy.

“Great day for a new relationship with projects. We are talking about the private sector, we want to see action, results, which mean financing projects, creating jobs, generate income, accelerate the growth momentum of the Cabo Verdean economy and we want to count on BIDC in this endeavor”, he said.

The official said that without financing there will be no growth, pointing out that the Government has created conditions for these bets to be made in the country, especially in sectors such as tourism, transport, telecommunications, among others.

“We have entrepreneurs, they also need opportunities and tools to go further. We want to count on BIDC’s strong support so that these sectors can grow more and more, contributing to the development of Cabo Verde”, he said.