Olavo Correia rejects the idea that the Government created a proposal tailored to a company in which he was an administrator

Praia, Jan 18 (Inforpress) – Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Olavo Correia today rejected the idea that the Government had created a proposal tailored to a company in which the ruler was an administrator.

“The proposal was presented by the Chamber of Commerce and the Government took it to the parliament, where it was approved and is being implemented. We are attentive, since consumers can not be harmed,” said the minister, after being questioned by journalists about the proposal that increases the import duties for dairy products and fruit juices, approved last December, a measure that benefits a company where Olavo Correia was manager.

The deputy prime minister and finance minister, who spoke to the press after presiding over the signing ceremony of the financing agreement between the Government and the European Union, said that “there is no problem of ethics and incompatibility”, having ensured that the State is monitoring to have an idea of ​​the impacts, and as the market reaction will take action if necessary.

“Overall, we have to have a positive impact on employment, but also on the promotion of local industry. It is not a consensual measure, there will be changes here from the point of view of the positioning of a set of companies,” he said.