North Santiago: Government announces investments totaling 607 million escudos for Santa Catarina

Assomada, Jul 10 (Inforpress) – Minister of State Fernando Elísio Freire announced Monday that the Government, in partnership with the City Hall of Santa Catarina, will invest in the next two years the amount of 607 million escudos in this municipality in the countryside of Santiago Island.

The ruler made this announcement in the context of a visit he made to that county to find out about the situation regarding the fulfillment of the obligations and competences transferred to the local power in the matter of agreements and programs celebrated between the Government and the City Halls.

As explained, these investments to be carried out under the Rehabilitation, Requalification and Accessibilities Program (PRRA) will cover works in the market of Assomada (175 million escudos), urban requalification (120 tmillion escudos), accessibility, openning of the neighborhoods (151 million escudos), rehabilitation of cultural, historical and religious heritage (35 million escudos), and 114 million escudos in rehabilitation of degraded houses.

“All these investments will allow Santa Catarina to become an attractive place to attract companies, investments and to have more development”, said the minister, arguing that this municipality is a “clear example” that “it was worth it “this” new impetus” that the Government has given in decentralization, with “more resources, more partnerships and more competencies for City Halls”.

Fernando Elísio Freire considered that the relationship between the Government and municipalities is a “success story” for the entire Cabo Verde, recalling, on the other hand, that the Executive in partnership with the City Hall of Santa Catarina has already opened  eight locations and already electrified several localities, while others are still in process.