Music and words celebrates in Cabo Verde the birth of Amílcar Cabral

Praia, Sep 11 (Inforpress) – The birth of Amílcar Cabral, hero of independence of Guinea Bissau and Cabo Verde, which, if alive, would celebrate Wednesday 94 years, will be celebrated with a concert and a debate on the actuality of his thought, in the City of Praia.

Organized by the Amílcar Cabral Foundation and the Lelio and Lisli Basso Foundation, the concert “Sing Cabral and the Resistance” will take place at the Ildo Lobo Culture Palace, in the City of Praia (Santiago Island).

The proogram includes names like Mário Lúcio, Teresinha Araújo, Ana Lisboa, Sory Araújo, Body, Vera Cruz, Alberto Koenig, Fattú Djakité, Eric Tavares, Mano Preto, Totinho, Binga and Nhelas.

The next day, the Amílcar Cabral Foundation, also in the capital of Cabo Verde, will host a roundtable on “The timeliness of Amílcar Cabral’s thought in the face of the imperative of African unity”.

Lusa / HVF