Municipal Assembly debates the administrative region proposal of São Vicente

Mindelo, Sep 4 (Inforpress) – The São Vicente Municipal Assembly (AM) is discussing Wednesday the proposal to create the administrative region of the island, in an extraordinary session that will define the position of this body in relation to the law that establishes the regions in the country.

The MPs of São Vicente will be meeting for debate, having as agenda the proposal for the creation of the Administrative Regions of Cabo Verde and according to Law No. 69 / VII / 2010 defines in article 7, point 4, that the creation of the regions “depends on the law of the National Assembly and the favorable vote of the majority of the municipal assemblies that represent the greater part of the population in the regional area, according to the last general census of the population”.

According to the law, in article seven, point five, it is the responsibility of the National Assembly to promote the consultation of municipal assemblies for voting purposes, and it happens in São Vicente at the end of the session, which begins at 8:30 AM in the Noble Hall of the City Hall.

The approval of the proposed law that creates and regulates the model of election, the competences and the organization of the administrative regions in Cabo Verde will require the favorable vote of two thirds of the MP, waiting for the Government to create, at the parliamentary house and “necessary consensuses” to enable the law.

According to the executive, if the bill is approved by Parliament, the installation of administrative regional offices in Cabo Verde will be in 2020. The costs that the country will have to bear with this administrative reform (operation of the ten regions) are estimated at 384 million escudos / year.