MpD considers that demonstration in the Tarrafal of Santiago is “a PAICV camouflaged initiative”

Praia, Jan 11 (Inforpress) – The coordinator of the MpD’s Municipal Political Commission, in Tarrafal de Santiago, said today that the demonstration organized by a group of young people from the municipality is a PAICV “camouflaged initiative” to “confuse the public opinion”.

In a press conference for a position of the Movement for Democracy (MpD), on the march / demonstration of a group of youths allegedly unhappy with the development of Tarrafal, scheduled for Friday, José Soares said he knows the names of the ” responsible for the initiative”.

“Paulo Varela, José dos Reis, are members of the PAICV behind this demonstration, which is the stamp of this party. It is enough to consult the sources to know all of them are in this maneuver”, he said, indicating that the party is “using young and innocent to deceive public opinion”.

According to the political leader, the MpD “is not against” any type of demonstration, and citizens are free to claim what they wish, within the stipulated by the Democratic Rule of Law.