MP Felisberto Vieira is invited to participate in the 2nd MpD Summer University

Praia, Sep 11 (Inforpress) – The national MP of the PAICV (opposition party) Felisberto Vieira will participate in the 2nd Summer University of MpD, invited to present a policy panel of his choice.

The announcement was made today by the president of the MpD Academy, Lourenço Lopes, during the presentation of the official program of the 2n Summer University of MpD, held on 25, 26 and 27 this month in Cidade Velha.

The invitation to this prominent member of the main opposition party, according to Lourenço Lopes, appears with the purpose of showing “that it is possible” in Cabo Verde to elaborate a “new way of doing politics”, with the conviction that “Big issues” of the country, “must be above” the parties.

“Every party has its ideology, it has its interest at a certain moment, but the great issues of our country must deserve attention and convergence of the main political actors” he argued, emphasizing that it is necessary to differentiate what is the political interest of the parties, of what is the strategic interest of Cabo Verde.