Mosteiros: The amount made available by the Government for the emergency plan to mitigate the effects of the bad agricultural year is insufficient – Mayor


São Filipe, Nov 28 (Inforpress) – The amount of 14.580 million escudos to be made available by the Government, through the program contract, for the municipality’s emergency plan, aimed at mitigating the negative impacts of the bad agricultural year, is “manifestly insufficient”, said the substitute mayor, Jaime Monteiro Júnior.

The emergency plan for the City Hall of Mosteiros sent to the central government is up to 46 million escudos, with the value of the program contract signed last week being less than one-third of the budgeted amount.

This is why the substitute Mayor, Jaime Monteiro Júnior the insufficient amount to implement the actions and mitigate the effects of the drought and the bad agricultural year.

According to the Mayor, the amount is insignificant for two reasons: one because it is insufficient to meet the needs and secondly because the actions are concentrated in the high areas.