Mosteiros: Public energy network in the northern zone will be inaugurated within the framework of the municipality festivities


São Filipe, July 31 (Inforpress) – The connection of the public power network in the northern area of ​​the municipality of Mosteiros, between Rocha Fora and Atalaia, a governmental project, is inaugurated on August 12, within the festivities of the Municipality Day.

The electrification project in the northern zone, which covers the villages of Rocha Fora, Aldeia, Ribeira do Ilhéu and Atalaia (front and back) was completed some time ago and, according to local authorities will have an impact on the development of the northern region in the municipality.

Part of the northern zone, namely the villages of Atalaia and Ribeira do Ilhéu, benefit from 10 hours of electricity daily produced by a micro-power station managed by the City Hall, which will be deactivated after connection to the public power connection and coverage to these localities.

Jaime Monteiro Júnior, a councilor from the City Hall of Mosteiros, contacted by Inforpress by telephone, said that at the moment the connections are more concentrated in the village of Ribeira do Ilhéu and later the other areas will be extended.

He pointed out that to Atalaia, for example, the public lighting will be on later as the lamps will only arrive in September, and, therefore, the City Hall should keep in parallel the operation of the small powe station.