Mosteiros: Coffee harvest starts earlier but will take more time in a year of poor production


São Filipe, Feb 12 (Inforpress) – The coffee harvest in Fogo begins this year earlier and the forecast is to take more time due to the disparity in the ripening process of the cherries, in a year in which the production is considered bad.

The Fogo Coffee Spirit company, whose technicians made field visits to the producers with whom they have a partnership to acquire coffee, scheduled the beginning of the harvest on February 16th.

However, according to a company source, the process will be time consuming, because in addition to the difference of localities, there are situations where in the same coffee, for example, one part is ripe and the other green, which implies more than one harvest.

According to Inforpress, other producers are also finalizing preparations to start harvesting 2018 production, considered by most to be a year of poor production.

For some producers, the amount may exceed that of last year, but the vast majority points in the opposite direction, that is, there will be a decrease in production.