Mosteiros: City Hall will produce ornamental plants within the framework of the “green centre”

São Filipe, Jan 5 (Inforpress) – The City Hall of Mosteiros will implement a municipal nursery for the production of ornamental plants and other species for distribution to the people, within the framework of the “green centre” program, financed by the Environment Fund.

The mayor of Mosteiros, replacing Jaime Monteiro Júnior, said to Inforpress that the City Hall, under the contract program, will receive from the Environment Fund an amount of 2.6 million escudos to implement the “green centre” program.

In addition to this amount, the mayor stated that there are other funds to be made available by the Environment Fund for the implementation of other activities, namely in the sanitation and equipment chapter, including the acquisition of another 30 to 40 containers for waste collection, in the global value of 2.5 million escudos, the construction of 10 bathrooms for needy families, worth 12.6 million escudos.

In addition to the actions financed by the Environment Fund, the City Hall of Mosteiros have signed a program contract worth more than 600 thousand escudos with the Tourism Fund for the equipment and operation of the tourist information center, located in one of the squares of the city of Igreja.