Minister Olavo Correia is a business group shareholder who is accused of favoring – Lusa


Praia, Mar 1 (Inforpress) – Olavo Correia, Minister of Finance and deputy Prime Minister of Cabo Verde, has a 10% share in a business group where he was an administrator and is being accused of favoring through increase in customs duties.

In the records of interests deposited with the Constitutional Court, consulted by the Lusa agency, Olavo Correia has declared links to the group, which until now has been the main beneficiary of the increase in milk import taxes decreed by the current government.

In the declaration for 2017, the minister indicated a 5% share in Tecnicil SGPS and 5% in Tecnicil Indústria, where in this case the shareholder is the partner with whom he said to live in a de facto union.

Cabo Verdean legislation does not foresee incompatibility in the participation of the Government members in the capital of private companies, but the minister of Finance, according to Lusa, is being accused by the largest opposition party (PAICV) of favoring the company in raising rates on dairy products in force since January 1.

This is due to the fact that, coinciding with the new legislation, a new brand of milk and juice produced by Tecnicil Indústria has appeared on the Cabo Verdean market.


Inforpress / Lusa