Minister of Internal Affairs of São Tome says that the organization and experience of the Cabo Verdean Police is of interest to his country

Praia, Aug 02 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verdean police organization and its experience in terms of structure is something that interests to São Tome and Principe, said the  Minister of Internal Affairs of São Tome, Arlindo Ramos, in a official visit to Cabo Verde.

The Sao Tome ruler, who also accumulates Defense Ministry, made these remarks to the press after signing an agreement with his Cabo Verdean counterpart who, according to him, opens “new perspectives of cooperation” between the Police of the two countries.

“The Cabo Verdean Police encompasses all the police and we want to see this experience applied to our police structure”, said Arlindo Ramos, adding that the agreement he signed with Paulo Rocha is “of great significance” for his country, particularly in the São Tome and Principe National Police organization sector.

He admitted that between São Tome and Principe and Cabo Verde there are cooperative relations, but in the area of ​​security “there was no dynamism”, so now, with this visit he intends to give a “new vitality”.