Mindelact: First shows / groups presented for 2018 edition that hosts theater companies from 14 countries

Mindelo, Aug 31 (Inforpress) – The 24th edition of the Mindelo International Theater Festival (Mindelact) takes place this year, for the second time in November, from 2 to 11, and the organization has already started to publicize the confirmed groups.

As usual, Mindelact’s Internet site has been the platform used for the gradual announcement of the program, being already available the Stage 2 program that will have, this year, nine different shows, “more than double” in relation to previous years, from countries such as Brazil, Cabo Verde, Mozambique and Portugal.

Stage 2 will thus have a “Cabo Verdean strong” component, with four of the nine scheduled shows, namely Bodje de Rabeca (Projecto Chiquinho), Kode di Dona (Raiz di Polon), Eu ja fui assim (Somá Cambá) and Cloun Creolus Dei (GTCCPM).

The organization also highlights in the Stage 2 program, the show Armazenados, from the Portuguese company Art’Imagem, an absolute debut with Cabo Verdean Flávio Hamilton signing the staging.

Also for the same stage, the plays “A poesia é uma arma carregada de fut”, by Pedro Lamares (Portugal), Negrinha, by Sara Antunes (Brazil) and Luminoso Afogado, Teatro Griot, (Portugal / Moçambique), De Marfim e Carne – As Estátuas Também Sofrem, by Marlene Freitas, among others.