Maracanã Cultural and Sports Association  stands out in the social integration of young people through the practice of sports

Praia, Aug 09 (Inforpress) – The Maracanã Cultural and Sports Association, created four years ago by young people from the Ponta de Agua area, in the City of Praia, has excelled in the social integration of young people through sports .

Carlos Tavares, coordinator of the Maracanã Cultural and Sports Association activities, told Inforpress that after the creation of this association, crime in the neighborhood has decreased considerably and the neighborhood has gained a new image and dynamic.

“We use sport as a way of integrating children and young people into society, and our greatest responsibility is the social responsibility of helping those in need”, he said.

To that end, he added that, in addition to helping with school and food materials, the community has been raising awareness with the children, which in turn will serve as positive messages for families and society.