Maio: Points of interest and historical sites marked with tourist information signs

Porto Inglês, Aug 27 (Inforpress) – Tourist attractions in Maio Island are already marked with information signs, as a means of providing tourists with the necessary information about the most relevant places as well as the historical monuments of the island.

Ady Semedo, director of tourism services told to Inforpress that 30 informative signs have been placed on the island, aiming to signal the beaches, protected areas, dunes, historical and cultural sites, as well as monuments and services to support tourism, which aim to inform national and foreign tourists who visit the island, about the places of interest.

According to this official, the placing of these signs was an old claim of the City Hall, as well as of the population, since the visitors who visit the island always look for places and sites of historical and cultural interests, and for this they felt compelled to ask for information in people who did not always respond to curiosities.

However, Ady Semedo said he believe that from now on this will no longer be necessary.