Maio: MpD disapproves opposition attitude at Municipal Assembly

Porto Inglês, Aug 23 (Inforpress) – The MpD workbench in the Municipal Assembly considers the opposition attitude to do not appear on the second day of the Municipal Assembly extraordinary session, called on an emergency basis, to be “irresponsible”.

According to the MpD workbench leader (ruling party), Ivanira Silva, the opposition has maintained in grounds that she considers to be “futile” and without any legal basis, with a single objective of “halting the development process in the island”.

“It is clear and very evident that the projects that the local authority and the Government of Cabo Verde have in the island are bewildering the opposition, which is clumsy and therefore can not take on the responsibilities as an opposition.

The Maio population do not deserve this, nor be treated in this way, by an opposition that, instead of giving political combat, resolves not to appear on the second day of the extraordinary session of the Municipal Assembly”, she stressed.

As stated by the party’s representative that supports the City Hall in the island, the Independent Wave to Advance the Maio Island did not appear on the second day of the special session because it already knew the possibility of collecting revenues from the municipality through the sale of public land parcel, which in her opinion will enable the City Hall to raise financial resources that will be channeled into creating more jobs and supporting families in the island.