Maio Island: Darlene Fernandes wins voices contest “Voz de Djarmai”.

Porto Inglês, Sep 7 (Inforpress) – Darlene Fernandes was the winner of the voice contest called “Voz de Djarmai”, which ended this morning in the City of Porto Inglês, standing out among the other four colleagues in the event framed in the festivities of municipality of Maio.

In a conversation with Inforpress, she expressed her satisfaction at winning the prize, considering it was a “very competitive” contest, considering that, as I said, the colleagues also have “enough quality” and could win the event.

“I was in the top position in the second gala, but I knew that the final would not be easy because I didn’t have the opportunity to rehearse enough, so I felt some difficulty, but now I’m happy and with the feeling of recognition for all those who supported me from the beginning “, she stressed.

Darlene Fernandes also said that with this award several doors may open in her career, bearing in mind that she has already represented the island of Maio in the “Voice of the Islands” last year in the City of Mindelo, and said she feels ready to continue show her talent on other stages and represent the island with more dignity.