Macaronesia Institute proposes to create solutions for water production through the use of renewable energies

Praia, Jul 4 (Inforpress) – The Macaronesian Studies Institute (IEMAC) today proposed the creation of long-term solutions for water production in Cabo Verde through the use of renewable energy in a circular economy.

In order to discuss this proposal, the institute organized a workshop on “Water consumption for domestic use and for agriculture in the context of severe drought”, in the City of Praia, at a time when the country is facing a water scarcity scenario.

According to the IEMAC president, Fátima Monteiro, the meeting will take place within the framework of a mission program composed of researchers from the University of Coventry, in the United Kingdom, who are in Cabo Verde to present the Project for Promoting Access, Integrity, and Resilience in Water and Sanitation (Pro-Water CV).

In this sense, the researchers who are part of the Studies of Macaronesia Institute will promote the creation of a task force in charge of creating long-term solutions for the production and use of water in Cabo Vede through the use of renewable energy.