Lisbon: Cinema of São Jorge welcomes the film “Os Dois Irmãos”

Lisbon, Jan 8 (Inforpress) – The film “Os Dois Irmãos” (The Two Brothers), based on the novel with the same name by the Cabo Verdean writer Germano Almeida, will have its premieres in Lisbon, on January 16, at 9:30 p.m., at the Cinema of São Jorge.

The film “Os Dois Irmãos”, made by Francisco Manso, based on Germano Almeida’s homonymous novel (Camões 2018 prize), was co-produced between Take 2000 – José Mazeda – and the Ministry of Culture and Industries Creative of Cabo Verde.

It is a culturally Cabo Verdean film, exclusively directed by actors and a majority of technicians from Cabo Verde and counting with the special participation of Bitori Nha Bibinha, a great name of the funaná, which is also on the soundtrack of the film, along with the Batucadeiras of Terrero de Orgãos and Luís Cília.

AIn terms of festival circuits, it will be at the Montréal International Film Festival, participation in the Caminhos do Cinema Português Festival and an invitation to the Toronto Black Film Festival to be held in February.