Justice: Public Prosecutor reports a decrease of 11.4% in the cases brought before the judiciary 2016/17


Praia, Sep 21 (Inforpress) – The number of cases brought before the Public Prosecutor, in the 2016/17 judicial year, decreased by 11.4% over the previous year, from just over 29.000 to 26.376 cases, which denotes reduction of crime at national level.

The data was presented by the Attorney General of the Republic, Óscar Tavares, who Wednesday delivered the judicial report of the last year to the President of the National Assembly, Jorge Santos, for discussion in Parliament.

“The data says that the crime registered in the Public Prosecutor, which was brought and was registered decreased by 11.4%. Therefore, compared to last year, the entire system of the Public Prosecutor’s Office received just over 29.000 cases and this year we recorded 26.376 cases, which means that there is a reduction from the point of view of registered crime,” he said.

Óscar Tavares said to the journalists at the end of the meeting with Jorge Santos that the figures also indicate an increase in productivity and reduction of pending cases, resulting in a reduction in the length of justice, although not in the desired size.