Jehovah’s Witnesses of Santiago and Maio gathering in congress in the City of Praia

Praia, Aug 10 (Inforpress) – The congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses from the islands of Santiago and Maio are from today until Sunday, 12th, in congress, in the City of Praia, under the them “Tem Coraji” (Be brave).

Speaking to Inforpress, Jeremias Delgado, who is in charge of local media contact, said that approximately 2.000 people are expected from 13 congregations in Santiago Island and one in Maio Island.

During the three days, continued the same source, there will be about 40 speeches, dramatic readings of bible and film screening. The activities take place at the National Stadium in Monte Vaca.

Regarding the theme “Tem Coraji” (Be brave), the person in charge said to be “important” for the nowadays. “To have courage isn’t about not feeling fear, it means having the strength to face or even overcome fear”, he said.