Handball: CAHB has a strong interest in bringing a great international event to Cabo Verde – vice president

Praia, Aug 22 (Inforpress) – The vice president of the African Handball Confederation said today in the City of Praia that the institution is interested in bringing the organization of a great international event to Cabo Verde and putting the country on the podium of the African competition.

Pedro Godinho made these statements to the press shortly after his first working meeting with the Cabo Verdean Federation of Handball, presided over by Nelson Martins, at the Vavá Duarte Sports Pavillion, where he learned about Cabo Verde’s application for the organization of the Cup of the African Champions Clubs’2019 and the possibility of running for the African Cup of Nations, CAN’2024.

Pedro Godinho, who is also president of the Angolan Handball Federation, said he believes in the organizational capacity of Cabo Verde to hold major events, with the argument that as an official of the 10th Sports Games of CPLP, held in Sal Island in 2016 (multidisciplinary games), saw the capacity of Cabo Verdean leaders to give shape to the event.

“I think that with more ability can organize a competition of one discipline only. Now one thing is true, the Champions League Cup has a number of stakes far higher than the African Cup. Normally, sometimes 20/25 teams between men and women from different countries can participate”, he said.