Greve / PN: Prime Minister’s statement is an “Al-Qaeda bomb launched against the National Police” – CCSL


Praia, Jan 4 (Inforpress) – The leader of the CCSL, José Manuel Vaz, compared Wednesday the Prime minister’s statement on the police strike to be an “attack on the democratic rule of law” to an “Al -Qaeda bomb launched against the National Police “.

“We were expecting a statement of dialogue, rapprochement, understanding and negotiation of the Sinapol National Police Union claims and not the launching of an Al-Qaeda bomb against the National Police,” said José Manuel Vaz, adding that the trade union organization he runs and the police “reject this bomb”.

Al-Qaeda (“The Base”, Arabic) created by Osama Bin Laden in 1989, is considered a terrorist organization formed mainly by Islamic and Arab fundamentalists.

The president of the Cabo Verdean Federation of Free Trade Unions (CCSL) made the remarks during a press conference in the city of Praia to speak for the first time about the strike that the National Police union called on 27, 28 and 29 December last year.