Government wants to provide countries with conditions to be more resilient and less subject to the impacts of climate change

Praia, Jul 9 (Inforpress) – The Prime Minister reiterated today in the City of Praia that the Government is working to provide the country with conditions to be more resilient and less subject to the impacts and shocks of climate change that are unpredictable.

Ulisses Correia e Silva gave this assurance in declarations to journalists after presiding over the opening ceremony of the 3rd ordinary meeting of the National Council of Water and Sanitation (CNAS), when asked about the preparation of the next agricultural year that is at the door, since the country has been facing the worst drought in the last 36 years since 2017.

“We want programs of interventions not only to be emergency, but to provide Cabo Verde with the conditions to be more resilient”, he said, explaining that it is necessary to create conditions to mobilize financial instruments and mechanisms that can be activated in case of emergency and not to wait for individual contributions from the partners, as well as to promote the change in the practice of agricultural and livestock management.

The Prime Minister has been aware that the archipelago needs to use other means of water mobilization, as a way of being less dependent on rain, namely desalination, and the country currently has a package of 30 million euros from the Hungarian government to finance this sector.

Still in relation to the drought and the bad agricultural year, the minister of Agriculture and Environment, Gilberto Silva, also said in press statements that the silt removal works in the Poilão Dam, Santiago Island, are already underway, first, by the drainage of the waters.