Future projects funded by the AfDB must have an impact on improving the living conditions of the populations – Olavo Correia


Praia, June 12 (Inforpress) –  The Minister of Finance Olavo Correia said today that future Cabo Verde projects that could be financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB) have to have an impact on improving living conditions of populations.

“In the future, we will focus on projects that may have an impact on job creation for young people and women, on household income,” said  the minister at the opening ceremony of AfDB’s mid-term evaluation workshop in Cabo Verde.

Another priority pointed out by the Minister of Finance has to do with the empowerment of the private sector.

The Government is working to create financing mechanisms for the private sector, credit lines, the partial guarantee system and other forms of financing that AfDB could help to bring to Cabo Verde, said the minister.

At the moment, the Government is reassessing its portfolio with the AfDB in order to define the new projects that have to be included in the pipeline, namely the port of Maio to be redesigned, the second phase of the port of Palmeira on the Sal Island and the Technological Park at Praia City, said the official.