French newspaper recommends Cabo Verde as destination to visit in 2019

Praia, Jan 11 (Inforpress) – The French newspaper “Le Figaro” places the Cabo Verde archipelago in a range of 12 destinations to visit in 2019 and recommends its readers to visit the islands.

The publication has chosen Cabo Verde as one of the 12 best destinations to visit or revisit in the year that has started, and describes the beauty of the islands because its volcanic origin, with areas of “exuberant vegetation” and a pleasant climate.

In its edition of January 7th, that online writes that Cabo Verde “opens up even more” to tourism with the visa waiver to citizens from the European Union, including France, noting that visa waiver is to tourism and stays up to 30 days.

Along with Cabo Verde, which appears as the first destination to be visited worldwide, the newspaper lists 11 other proposals to its readers, the Cabo Verde Islands being the only proposal referenced throughout Africa.