Forest in East Plateau integrates application of Santo Antão to World Heritage of Agriculture – MAA

Porto Novo, Aug 2 (Inforpress) – Santo Antão is preparing its candidature for World Heritage of Agriculture and presents one of its strong points a part of the East Plateau forest that burned in the Friday fire wich affected seven species of plants.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) delegate in Ribeira Grande, Orlando Jesus Delgado, confirms that the application of Santo Antão to World Heritage of Agriculture, within the framework of the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) includes “part of the forest” which burned in this fire.

“That is why immediate intervention is essential, not only to restore minimally the dynamics and necessary balances destroyed by the flames, but also to create the necessary conditions to avoid or minimize future occurrences”, says Orlando Jesus Delgado.

For this responsible, the restoration of the previous state and continuity of this forest reserve guarantee to the local populations and future generations “more balanced eco-systems aiming at a greater and better food security”.