Football / CAN’2019: Rui Águas confirms absence of Jovane Cabral at the training of the national team of Cabo Verde

Praia, Sep 3 (Inforpress) – The national coach, Rui Aguas, confirmed today the absence of the player Jovane Cabral on Sunday in Portugal in the preparation stage of Cabo Verde for the game against Lesotho, to count for the CAN’2019 qualifiers.

Speaking to Inforpress, directly from Portugal, Rui Aguas said that Jovane Cabral did not appear and gave no explanation for his lack of appearance.

“Jovane Cabral did not come, but there is no explanation from him for not coming,” confirmed Rui Águas.

On the other hand, he said that most of the players arrived, being marked for this afternoon the first training at the Jamor Stadium. “Most of the players have already arrived, there are three or four who have not yet arrived … there are four or five players absence but tomorrow all of them will be here,” he said.

The “Record” newspaper advanced in its edition today that the absence of Jovane in the training of Sunday implies the resignation with the national team of Cabo Verde and in the coming days the Cabo Verdean Football Federation (FCF) will be officially informed of the situation.