Football / CAN 2019: National team starts second phase of at National Stadium, play stage with Uganda


Praia, June 5 (Inforpress) – The national football team of Cabo Verdereturned to the National Stadium in Praia this morning to begin the second phase of the preparation internship for reception of Uganda in Saturday in the inaugural qualifying game for the CAN 2019.

After the first phase in Lisbon, the  coach Lúcio Antunes considers that the delegation has complied with the provisions, claiming that, because it is the end of an exhausting season for most of the players, it was preferred to reconcile the internship of Jamor for the physical recovery of the players and the conviviality with their relatives.

Antunes said the team is prepared and will continue to intensify training at the National Stadium, Saturday’s game stage, in order to be able to start the group with the return to the victory of the “Blue Sharks”, name by which is known the national team of Cabo Verde.

In relation to Uganda, the coach warns that this is a “well-ranked and better positioned” nationtal team than Cabo Verde in FIFA’s ranking and it has been doing “good results” both in the qualifying tournaments for the African Cup of Nations (CAN), as in the World Cup.