Fogo: Vines production depends on pruning, cleaning of fields and treatment of plants – Adriano Montrond

São Filipe, Feb 18 (Inforpress) – The success of the grapevines production and other fruit trees, as well as congo-beans, depends on pruning, cleaning and treatment of plants, said Adriano Montrond, one of the Chã das Caldeiras residents.

On Sunday, in various parts of Chã das Caldeiras was visible the winemakers work in the fields to prune the vine plants that according Valdemiro and Adriano Montrond continue until early next March.

In conversion with Inforpress, both Valdemiro and Adriano, they emphasized the importance of pruning and cleaning the fields in the production of vine and hence the involvement of winemakers and the population of Chã das Caldeiras.

Adriano Montrond said that the guarantee of life of the population of Chã das Caldeiras is vine and congo-bean and therefore has an obligation to take good care of these plants and others, because according to him it “helps the population and helps friends”.