Fogo: POSER finances field-school facility in Mosteiros for farmers’ training

São Filipe, Jan 11 (Inforpress) – The project for Socioeconomic Opportunities in the Rural Environment (POSER) finances the installation of a field / school in the locality of Fajãzinha (Mosteiros) for the training of 17 farmers benefiting from irrigated plots.

The field / school occupies an area of ​​400 square meters and will work for a period of three months for the training of farmers, from the preparation of land, through installation of the system to production and, according to the program manager, Elias Montrond, the objective is to train and raise awareness among farmers, prepare them to fight the plague, create family income, as well as enable them to practice more biologically possible agriculture without resources to toxic products.

The installation of the field / school is part of the larger extension project of the water network from Sumbango to Mosteiros Trás to benefit, in addition to the 17 horticulturists covered with the installation of irrigated plots, all farmers in the area of ​​the Mosteiros coast, as well as installation of greenhouses for school garden, electrical connection of a pump for water pumping.

According to the program manager, the total value of the extension project of the water network, including the installation of the field / school, is seven million contos, and the works of the field will be carried out by technicians from the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA).