Fogo: Mayor reiterates that transportation issue is one of the main obstacles to advance the island

Sao Filipe, April 27 (Inforpress) – Mayor of São Filipe Jorge Nogueira reiterated today that transportation issues are one of the biggest obstacles to the development of the island and that it needs to be resolved as urgently as possible.

Jorge Nogueira spoke during a business meeting that took place at Casa das Bandeiras, an entity wgicg promoted this event in partnership with the Sotavento Chamber of Commerce (CCS), CV Móvel, Pró-Empresa and City Hall of São Filipe, and which was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Olavo Correia.

According to him, “transport is a big problem”, exemplifying that, for example, at this time of the São Filipe celebrations, in which many people want, but can not travel to Fogo, he warned that “if you want developing the island and entire Cabo Verde in general, it is necessary to resolve this issue. ”

“We need urgent measures to take advantage of the potential existing in the island, namely tourism. For me, the priority of priorities is the illumination of the São Filipe airport, thus allowing night flights,” he said, requesting the Government, through the Minister of Finance, to pay attention to the matter.