Fogo: João de Deus Amado available to run for the next local election in São Filipe

São Filipe, Jan 9 (Inforpress) – Primary school teacher (EBI) and emigrant for several years in Portugal, João de Deus Barbosa Amado, announced his willingness to run for the next local 2020 election of São Filipe.

João de Deus, who emigrated after 17 years of teaching due “political reasons” and for having been critical of the Ministry of Education system, will head the independent “Movement for Citizenship” list, told Inforpress that he decided to run for office for “social cause” and contribute to “all have a voice” in society.

He said that in the “distant past” he had connections with all the parties, which he abandoned for having “different idea and thought”.

He considers himself the only “one hundred percent independent” candidate, noting that his candidacy is not to prejudice any of the political parties that come to compete for the São Filipe City Hall.