Fogo Island: Rainfall of last days revive hope for farmers and livestock farmers in a good agricultural year

São Filipe, Sep 05 (Inforpress) – The rainfall on Tuesday and dawn on Wednesday in several villages of the island, including the City of São Filipe, revived the hope of farmers and livestock farmers in a good agricultural campaign.

Since the weekend, the hustle and bustle in the countryside has been great due to the rains of last day of August and in the first days of September with farmers in the more agricultural areas redoing the sowing in late July and early August and at the center and South of the island, the arid and semi-arid part, to start the sowing.

Despite the delay in the rainfall, the men of the countryside are hopeful in a good agricultural campaign. In some villages rainfall has fallen with some intensity and the amount recorded between August 31 and September 5 is higher than the sum of rainfall during 2017, considered one of the worst drought years.

In some areas, maize and beans plants are in a more advanced stage of growth, such as in the upper Mosteiros, where farmers are making the second weeding.